What are Ahli Hukum Legal Services?

Ahli Hukum Legal Services are fixed-fee legal services offered by local advocates, notaries and legal consultants. For example:

  • 30-minute phone advice: a 30-minute call phone call with a legal professional to discuss your issue and help you move forward.
  • Document review: have a legal professional review your document to ensure it includes everything you need it to.
  • Start-to-finish support: work with a local advocate, professional or legal consultant to e.g. setup your business, legalize documents, apply for work permits.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the service that matches your needs and budget.
  2. Choose the location where you need the service. Most legal professionals restrict their services to certain cities.
  3. Pay for your service.
  4. Your legal professional will call you within 1 business day.

Why should I pay for a phone advice when some attorneys offer free consultation?

Ahli Hukum Legal Services phone advice gives you immediate answers to your questions and consult about what you should do next. In a free consultations, the legal professional will focus on the kind of help he could provide if you were to hire him. You do not get actual legal advice until you hired the professional. If you purchase a service on Ahli Hukum you will get a call from a lawyer within 1 business day – you save yourself the time of scheduling appointments,  visiting consultations, listening to presentations, and negotiating a rate.

What is included?

All services include a phone call with a lawyer, within 1 business day of purchase, as well as concrete answers and advice about your situation. Document review services include an attorney’s review of a legal document, form, or application up to 20 pages. Start-to-finish support services include attorney support in resolving a specific legal matter.

Note: Government filing fees are not included. If your situation requires filing fees, you will pay those directly to the government.

I do not have a local phone number in Indonesia.

Notify the legal professional during checkout. Include your Whatsapp phone number so the legal professional can add you for a Whatscapp voice call.

Who will I work with?

You will work with the legal professional of whom you purchased the service.

Will the attorneys be located nearby?

When you choose a service, you can see the professional’s main office address.

Is it possible to schedule my call?

During checkout you can select your preferred time for the call — morning, afternoon, or evening. There is no guarantee the professional will call at the time specified but they will try their best to follow your preference.

What if I miss the phone call?

You can call the lawyer back, or await a new call – just keep your phone ready.