Hendra Setiawan Boen

Hendra Setiawan Boen is the co-founder, Managing Partner and the Head of the Dispute Resolution Practice Group and Intellectual Property Practice Group of S&P. Setiawan & Partners (S&P) operates in partnership with Darshan & Teo LLP, Singapore. Hendra was a partner in a reputable litigation law firm, and worked for a first-tier corporate firm considered as one of the pioneer in the field of capital market in Indonesia, before moving on to practice with an Indonesian first-tier litigation firms. During his experience therein, he handled numerous multifaceted complex litigation cases in the field of corporate and intellectual property rights. He also actively contributes his time to write law articles and books, in which more than a few have been published in national scale media. Hendra is also a licensed Receiver & Administrator for Bankruptcy.

His experience includes:
– A wide variety of commercial litigation related work ranging from company, marine
insurance, charter-party disputes, banking, property and financial and investment
related claims, capital market issues, construction disputes, bankruptcy proceeding,
anti-monopoly, energy and resources, telecoms, maritime, plantations and
infrastructure sectors.
– Intellectual Property Protection.
– Class-action suits and citizen lawsuits as well as cross-border international arbitration.

Perusahaan: Setiawan & Partners Law Offices

Kedudukan: Senior Partner Lawyer

Kewarganegaraan: Indonesia

Professionals License
Organisasi Lisensi No. Di Peroleh
Ketua setia Group 2015 - Hadir
Managing Partner Setiawan & Partners 2011 - Hadir
Bantuan Hukum (HANYA) Persatuan Indonesia (PERINDO) 2013 - 2015
Ka.Bid.Tata Usaha Negara dan Konstitusi Bantuan Hukum - Partai NasDem 2012 - 2013
Partner di Litigasi Simbolon & Partners 2012 - 2013
Rekan Lubis, Santosa & Maulana 2009 - 2012
Rekan Jusuf Indradewa & Partners 2008 - 2009
Rekan Kantor lex Regis Hukum 2007 - 2007
Nama Sekolah Utama Gelar Lulus Tahun
Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta Hukum Sarjana Hukum (S.H.) 2005

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