How to choose a lawyer

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Before you and your lawyer start working together it’s important to discuss a few points. Make sure you are aware of any fees before having the intake conversation. At Ahli Hukum legal professionals offer fixed price legal services; prices of legal advice sessions are transparent. If you venture on your own, you’ll have to negotiate prices first.


During the intake session you could discuss the following points to assure your lawyer is suitable for you case and whether it’s sensible to proceed with your case:

  • Inquire about the lawyers specialization and experience. Does the lawyer have knowledge of your particular issue?  The Ahli Hukum lawyer profiles help you by stating each attorney’s fields of expertise, education and work experience. Lawyers showcase their experience by answering legal questions in the Ahli Hukum Legal Questions section and by contributing articles. See who answers your legal question knowledgeably;  this professional will likely be able to help you further.
  • Inquire about the lawyers license. Lawyers who practice as litigators (advocate) should have a bar association license. The Indonesian bar association is Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia (PERADI).
  • How many similar cases does the lawyer handle in a year and for how long? The Ahli Hukum lawyer profile helps you here by stating a lawyer’s previous cases.
  • What is the lawyers assessment of your case: how long will it take and what are chances for success? What are the potential risks, for example when the case is lost?

Expected costs

Ahli Hukum offers you fixed price legal services, so that you get an amazing price without having to compare lawyers. But for more complex cases, you will need to agree with your lawyer on the costs.

  • What costs can you expect? Lawyers state in their Ahli Hukum profile how they charge – is there an hourly fee or a fixed case for the entire case? Are there additional costs?
  • Is the lawyer handling the entire case by himself or will he pass on some of the work to a colleague – and how does that affect the costs?
  • Are there additional costs? Does the lawyer charge research and/or study costs? Will he charge travel expenses?
  • Ask if you will be regularly updated about the increasing costs (by for example a monthly invoice).
  • Ask to receive the budget in writing


  • What is the policy during absence (sickness or time-off) of the lawyer? Who takes over his responsibilities?
  • How will the lawyer keep in touch with you? How can he be reached?
  • Make agreements in case your get into issues with your lawyer. Does the law firm have an internal complaints procedure?
  • Does the firm have general terms and conditions? If so, what are they?

Written confirmation

Ask for a written confirmation of the agreements you make with your lawyer. This confirmation letter should at least include:

  • Description of the case
  • The planned approach
  • Expected costs
  • An example of the dispute (if applicable)

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