How to establish a Perseroan Terbatas (PT)

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What is an PT?

A Perseroan Terbatas (PT)  or limited liability company is a legal entity in Indonesia. The PT is the most commonly applied form of business vehicle due to its limited liability nature and capitalization regime. A PT may take the form of a publicly listed company or a privately owned company. There are significant differences between a Local PT and a Foreign-owned PT.

Local PT

A PT is a company founded by a minimum of two Indonesian people as responsible shareholders, limited from the debt of the company.

Benefits of a Local PT

  1. Limited liability; shareholders are liable only for the amount of their original investment if the company goes into debt or insolvency.
  2. Easy to obtain additional funds/capital, such as by issuing new shares.
  3. The viability of the company is more secure
  4. Leadership control; replacement possibility via a general meeting of shareholders
  5. Company management has a clear responsibility to the owner or shareholders
  6. Set out clearly by law and other regulations, a limited liability company binds and protects the company’s activity
  7. The company registration request is specifically based on company size:
    • small business: Rp. 600 million
    • medium business: Rp. 600 million – 10 billion
    • large business: more than Rp. 10 billion.
  8. The company can have three main business activities.
  9. Usually no limitations apply, and can be used in government tenders.

Foreign-owned PT (PT PMA)


Type of Company Minimum Capital Shareholder Main Characteristics
Local PT Depends on Business Licence (SIUP) Categories 100% local share
  • Allowed to conduct business in up to 3 different business lines
  • Minimum paid-up capital for Small SIUP is Rp. 50.000.000 – Rp.  600.000.000
  • Minimum paid-up capital for Medium SIUP is Rp.  600.000.000 – Rp.
  • Minimum paid up Capital for Large SIUP is above Rp.  10,000,000,000
  • Can be sponsor company of KITAS
  • Minimum 2 shareholders, 1 Director, and 1 Commissioner
PT PMA Minimum investment plan US$1 million

Minimum paid in capital US$250,000

Based on negative investment list
  • In the form of a limited liability company,  can perform complete business activities in Indonesia (including revenue generation)
  • Equal rights and responsibilities with local company
  • Allowed to operate in  only 1 specific business area
  • Minimum 2 shareholders (either individuals or legal entities)
  • Minimum organizational  structure is 1 Director and 1 Commissioner
  • Minimum investment plan more than US$1 million
  • Minimum paid-up capital of US$250,000
  • Company can sponsor many foreign employees

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