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Ahli Hukum helps people connect with advocates, notaries and legal consultants.

It became clear to the founders that we in Indonesia have trouble accessing legal help quickly. Which professional fits our exact legal need, with the right knowledge and experience? Who provides Pro Bono aid? Many Indonesians do not seek legal help at all, due to their high distrust of legal professionals. Ahli Hukum therefore provides full information about advocates, notaries and legal consultants in Indonesia. The reviews, free Q&A forum, and on-demand appointments provide an environment in which the listed professionals can transparently display their expertise to (re)build customer trust.

Legal professionals enjoy increased efficiency since Ahli Hukum. They can focus their efforts on local clients who match their field of expertise. And those days of chasing payments are long gone. We bring paying customers right in the doorstep. Simple right? Less time for customer acquisition means more time for customer happiness.

We all benefit.